Highlighted Projects

Ocean Wonders Sharks! Exhibit New York Aquarium, Coney Island


Ocean Wonders Sharks! is the latest exhibit to open at the New York Aquarium. The building, wrapped in an artist's vision of a shimmer wall, includes multiple large aquarium tanks, interactive displays, and is home to a collection of 18 species of sharks. The New York Aquarium launched this new exhibit in 2018 .

Owner: Wildlife Conservation Society

Architects: The Portico Group

Edelman Sultan Knox Wood Architects LLP

CM: Turner Construction Company

Visit the Sharks

The World Trade Center Transportation Hub, New York City


 Complex projects take research and knowledge of labor productivity, material pricing, and market factors to develop accurate pricing. Lee Sullivan worked with the project team at the "Hub" to prepare bid package estimates and review change orders for the >$1B project. The WTC Hub opened in 2016.

Owner: The Port Authority of New York  and New Jersey

Lead Designer: Santiago Calatrava

CM: Tishman-Turner Joint Venture

See the Oculus

University of Connecticut Supplemental Utility Plant, Storrs


The University of Connecticut requires additional utilities to support their STEM initiative. The Supplemental Utility Plant, scheduled for completion in 2022, will provide chilled water and electrical capacity for the NW Science Quad; and sets the stage for future  steam and power generation.

Owner: University of Connecticut

Architect: Richard Turlington Architects

Engineers: BVH Integrated Services

and Waldron Engineering

CM: Bond Brothers, Inc.

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